The Common Critic

Going through Biola's Common Grounds menu, one drink at a time.


This was a lovely coffee date with my girl, Kelsey! 

And I was having so much fun I couldn’t remember what the drink was called!? Ha! But it was good and the company was wonderful! 


Iced Autumn Blend


Fall Mocha!


Fall Menu! Drink: Apple Pie


Passion Fruit/Raspberry/Mango Smoothie


Wild Berry/Raspberry Ice Cream based Smoothie! 

A little off the band wagon…

So! You could say I have been a little out of my element with the blog posts! But it doesn’t hinder the fact that I have still been ordering drink after drink! They are delicious! Guys! Really! Our Common Grounds Coffee Shop is pretty tasty. Wether it be a hot day or a cold day, Commons has something for everyone. Now I know not everybody likes Commons coffee…but I have to say, I do! I think it tastes great!

So since I don’t have all the time in the world, I figured I would just upload the photos and the names of the drinks that I ordered, considering I really did love each and every one of these drinks! 




Chai Frappe:


This was a good one too! These drinks man! They have been soooo tasty and so needed for this hot weather, considering today was 108 degrees! That’s nutzo! 

Anywho….you all know how I feel about chai! I love anything that has chai in it!  If you too are like this then I would definitely grab this lil’ tasty treat on the way to class or just to sit by the fountain and enjoy yourself! Ah….relaxation. 

Shout out to my friends Nathan and Marissa! We all spent time together while I got to enjoy this drink and the quality time made my day!



I’m still going! (: 

Blended Chai Bomb: (A Biola Classic) 

September 6, 2012

YUMMO! Gash guys I have been waiting for this one! It is definitely one of my favorites! I love anything with chai in it so the fact that this was blended yumminess with chai was like heaven in a blended drink….granted heaven will be SO much better than a chai bomb but you catch my drift! (: 

I would recommend getting this, even to try! The whole population of Biola doesn’t like it for nothing! GET IT GET IT!

My friend Kels described it as…”That’s like an explosion in my mouth!!”…so there you have it folks. 


Drink #22:

Blended Latte:


Eh…I thought this tasted good, but a little plain for my tastebuds. If you like lighter tasting drinks, where it doesn’t taste like much but blended ice….You might enjoy this drink! I on the other hand like a little more punch with my drinks! Like a “sweet” kick! 

But it doesn’t hurt to try things….Learned that from my mama! 

Drink #21:

Blended Double Fudge Mocha:


 Oh shootie. If you are a chocolate lover, GET THIS. It was literally like drinking a hershey’s bar mixed with a slight twinge of coffee! So good! I would get it again, I liked it that much! 

Yum yum yum! CHOCOLATE. 

Drink #20:

Blended Mocha:


Um hello school year! This drink was a little reminder of what summer was like! It was awesome! Cool and refreshing and chocolatey! Very sweet! But scrumptious! If you like blended drinks, especially in this hot weather, I would try it! Couldn’t hurt right? 

SHOUT OUT: Try Tapingo! You get your drinks faster and sometimes even on discount!



Hi folks!

This is drink #19!

Italian Soda, made the old fashion way! 

It was a mixture of sprite with raspberry flavoring and around 1/4 cream! The original italian Soda, according to the nice lady that worked at commons! 

My thoughts: This was sad that it had to be my last drink of the year. No worries, when I get back from summer I will continue on with this menu and finally start with blended drinks! Yipeeee! The Italian Soda itself I didn’t particularly like, while all my friends loved it. It just kind of tasted to me like carbonated flavored water..which I do not care for! So on that note! It was good, eh, wasn’t great..and I probs won’t be gettin’ it again! But go try it! Maybe you’ll like it!

Fun times with friends!

So some friends and I had a coffee party! My good friend Chica, otherwise known as Makenna, and friend Natalie, and myself all enjoyed a yummy cup of coffee brewed by the lovely Natalie herself. Gentlemen, she is looking for her Boaz…(; bahaha! 
Anywho, here are some pictures to show you how much fun we had! Wee! I got to even paint my nails in the process!

Take note: the coffee pouring into my cup may look black, but as we ALL know, Erin hates black coffee. I ended up sweetening it with yummy french vanilla(? can’t remember if this is right?) coffee creamer! MMmmm. 


Iced Chai Bomb:

Thoughts: This was again, really good! I feel like I keep saying this over and over but these iced drinks really are very tasty! If you were to ever ask me, “Erin, should I get a hot or a cold drink??” I would probably tell you a cold iced something. Just simply because I love these WAY better than any of the hot ones! I don’t know if it is the weather or the mood I am in when I get the drinks…but I am having a blast with these! 

One the drink: Chai bomb=SO STINKIN’ GOOD! YIKES! GET IT! You won’t regret it! Really! Again, you gotta like Chai, and wanna be energized for a while afterwards…definitely wakes you up! Ha! And this drink was so good, I may or may not have finished it under 10 minutes… Whoopsie! (;